Important Interview Questions to Ask on Podcasts

Some suggestions for thought-provoking conversations.

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Ian Lenhart

October 9, 2020

On this episode we discuss:
  1. Question to ask every guest.
  2. Did you miss anything.
  3. Get your guest excited.
  4. Negative questions.

Why hello friends! It’s a damn good day to have a damn good day. And speaking of good, today we’re going to be talking about some good questions to ask your guests on your podcast. Now, I know that not every podcast is an interview style, but you never know, for those that aren’t, you still might learn a thing or two.


One Question You Ask All Your Guests

I’m going to start at the end, and that is with a question that you ask all of your guests so that you have some continuity, or that your listeners can relate to. For me the question goes something like “Looking back on your life, what would you change? And you can’t say nothing as it’s gotten you to where you are now.”


It doesn’t matter who I’m interviewing or the industry I’m in, this question is one that can be asked of anyone and everyone always has a different answer. I really believe you can get an interesting look into someone by the way they answer this question.


Did You Miss Anything

Again, this is one that would pop up around the end of the interview but ask them if there was anything you should’ve asked them about that you didn’t or is there something that they want to say or promote.


This type of question lets your guest know that you truly are interested in whatever they have to say even if you hadn’t directly asked. Some people may want to promote their own products or podcasts, some may just want their voice heard, whatever it may be this is a great question.


Get Them Excited

Sometimes, depending on who you are interviewing, they are used to some of the same old questions, or at the very least talking about themselves and their product, service, etc. While they probably enjoy doing that as they want to market what they have to say, it’s always nice to get them excited.


Ask your interviewee about what has them curious in their area right now, what is it that they’re looking into or forward to.You’ll often notice their eyes light up because people love being asked about what they are passionate about. By asking a forward thinking question the information is relatively new and they haven’t tired of talking about it.


Negative Questions

While we want to keep things upbeat, asking a negative type of question will also offer up some thought-provoking dialogue, and could actually help a listener out. As you guest about challenges that many in their area face, and what people tend to fail.


Get a discussion going about a time that they failed, or came close to failing, and how they worked their way out of that. If what they do is oftentimes thought to be difficult, ask them why so many this that to be true.


Negative questions don’t have to bring your podcast down from being a happy experience. It’s often in these types of questions that listeners can really relate to the guests and are given the encouragement to continue on with their own hard road.


What are some questions that you always ask your guests? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Until next time.

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